Our Services

Here at TechScouts, we are Drupal experts!  We're not just site builders or drupal hobbyists, we're trained computer scientists who chose Drupal.  We provide a variety of high-end Drupal consulting services:

  • Drupal Architecture - Taking requirements and figuring out which modules to use or when to create a custom module ( or even patch an existing one ) is our speciality.  You won't ever have to worry about if you made the right decision or not.
  • High Performance Tuning - are you making your site go fast enough?
  • Site Migrations - It's a hard business call to make on whether to migrate or stay on your current Drupal version or move to some other platform.  We have experience with multiple platforms and help you decide which is best for you!
  • Site Debugging - Have a specific problem with Drupal and don't know how to fix it?  We are well-versed with running debuggers, going into contributed code and core code, to find out exactly what the problem is and how to get around it.
  • Custom Module Development - You need it done, we can do it.  We know the Drupal APIs, the Views APIs,  and the CTool APIs and how to work with them.  

So, when should you use Drupal?

I'm going to be upfront with you, Drupal is not for every website.  Drupal is actually becoming less and less ideal for every website.  So let me first tell you when you probably shouldn't use Drupal.

  • Don't use Drupal if you are building a marketing or brochure site that is more design and less content based, use Wordpress or just use Wix or Squarespace.  Drupal requires maintenance and the quality developers are expensive.  You'll end up with a site not being maintained or a bill that is bigger than what you want to pay for what you get.
  • Don't use Drupal if you have a team of non Drupal coders.  Drupal has a learning curve even for the best of coders out there.  You need to not only learn how Drupal's non-standard coding framework works but how the UI interacts between modules.  Your senior developers will become junior developers at least for a year.  Stick with what your team knows.
  • Don't use Drupal if you are going to custom code everything, even if you have all Drupal developers.  The overhead of the APIs and modules that Drupal has, which is its strong point, will no longer be an advantage for your team.
  • Don't use Drupal if you need way above average response time for user interaction.  Drupal is a beast and can be fast for static content, but when you are talking about users interacting ( not just viewing ) on a site and need near-instantaneous response, Drupal is not the platform to make that possible.

So, now, when should you use Drupal?

Ok, use Drupal if...

  • you have lots of content and require lots of data manipulation.  This is great for large media sites, directories, or for data visualization and collection.
  • you are a startup that is building an MVP. Startup entrepreneurs pivot alot in the beginning, and there's no point in building custom code if you are just going to change in the future.  Other platforms, like Wordpress or Joomla, just don't have the flexibility that Drupal does.
  • you are required to use Drupal.  This is becoming more and more of a requirement, especially with universities.  Many organizations choose Drupal for maintenance reasons.
  • you need to integrate with many backend systems and aggregate data.  Drupal's UI for connecting to backend services is the most advanced system out of there for custom development.
  • you have a company that can take advantage of Drupal's UI & its custom coding framework.  Every website needs an administrative UI, and thats exactly what Drupal has out of the box.  If you are a bunch of coders who need a part custom / part pre-built system, Drupal is made for you.

Want to chat more about this for your application?  Let's talk!