Keep track of your competition: combining multiple google alerts in one daily email

When you're starting up your startup, its important to know who your competitors are because they will actually become some of your best friends in your startup journey!  But finding out who they are and keeping up with them is unfortunately difficult to do.  

Bored of conferences? 7 networking tips for you!

Going to a conference for the first time is amazing, the content and rockstars there are overflowing.  But, as a more seasoned conferencer, getting the most out of it gets harder, and harder, and harder, until you end up not going anymore.  If that is the case, the problem is half the conference organizers and half yours.  Well, truthfully, its all your fault.  Conferences, people together, are always amazing!  In this article, I will give you tips on how to make the most out of conferences.

But before that, let me tell you...

Kony2012 Isn't Just a Nonprofit, Its a Social Good Entrepreneurship

In the last couple of days, Kony 2012 has been all the rage over the internet, social media, print, television, and just pure word of mouth.  However a lot of what I'm now calling "haters", as usual, have refused to jump on the band-wagon because something as viral as this cannot but have a few enemies.  Before I get into why their comments, from a social good entrepreneurs perspective, are small fish, I want to do a brief business analysis of the campaign.