Who We Are

Drupal is a tough system to understand for both people that use Drupal and for programmers alike, simply because Drupal was made by expert developers for expert developers. As a result, Drupal is this amazing system that hardly anybody understands.. what a waste! However, Drupal has time and time again proven itself to be the choice development website over Wordpress, over Joomla, over Ruby on Rails, and over CakePHP. But why? How can you really extract the potential out of Drupal?

That's why TechScouts exists, to answer those question.

At TechScouts, we've studied Drupal, we know how the back end system works, and we know how to get things done quickly with Drupal. We've built other apps before on different frameworks, we understand the pros and cons, and we will help you make the best educated decisions with using Drupal. We will guide you on your way through the Drupal jungle.

Meet Your Guide

James McBryan - Founder & Technical Lead

117 James has developed web applications for large social networking websites and small businesses since 2002. After graduating with an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from Berkeley in 2007, he decided to bring a pure computer science background to the Drupal community.  From 2008 - 2011, James became the CTO and partner of Denver based web-development shop Twomile Information Services.  From 2012 to the present, James continues to rock the Drupal space in the San Francisco Bay Area as Drupal consultant for firms and buinesses.